Foraging for Juneberries

WP_20170606_18_59_50_Pro Identifying Juneberries is fairly easy. They are native to North America, but are also grown throughout Europe.

The plant itself grows into a large, tree-like bush, and produces small fruits that look similar to blueberries.

These berries ripen and will first turn red and then violet during June. They taste like a mix of pears and blueberry, with a hint of bitter almond.

The bush will have smooth leaves that have very fine teeth at the edges with irregularly spaced lateral veins coming off the midrib, as shown in the image.

The berry contains a clump of dark brown seeds that contribute the flavor.

We like to use the Juneberries to make extremely delicious pie, but they can also be used in jams or any other thing you would normally use berries for.

Juneberry bushes are often planted as ornamental bushes by people or businesses who don’t know that they are edible, so keep an eye out!


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